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Our Points of Difference


Global Ody-see has pioneered the use of beautiful satellite imagery on a 3D board. The game is designed to teach about the world, its natural features, nations, people and their culture

Previously, we used a plastic laminated board to create a 3D landscape (left hand image below), but we are now promoting the use of handmade, ethically produced boards. We believe the new papier mache 3D boards will provide the advantages of a 3D tactile learning environment, but at an affordable price.


Regional Versions

The first regional version was American Ody-see.  This game highlights all the U.S. States and outlying territories. The second regional version is European Ody-see, which features all European and Trans-European nations.






Historical Versions

The first historical version was Ancient Ody-see, which is based on the Europe - Middle East region during the Roman Empire period, but also incorporates history from pre-history. The larger-scale Biblical Ody-see is set in the Holy Lands, some two millennia in the past. The game covers the main events during this important historical period.


Language Versions

Different language versions of our games are possible with the new papier mache and UV printing process.

Electronic Versions

The intention is to ultimately produce an electronic version (e-Global Ody-see) in order to allow players from around the world to challenge each other. This is a particularly exciting concept if schools from different nations could interact and allow students to converse with each other in order to learn about the world and its cultures.

Are you into e-gaming and programming, and interested in developing the world’s best e-game? We’re interested in a profit sharing arrangement for the electronic version of our games!

Sales and Distribution

We welcome and value enquiries from prospective license holders. Our products are a result of more than nine years of product development.